On The Issues

That Matter to Everyday Americans

Congress/SCOTUS Power

We must find a way to put term limits on Congress to limit their power. Stop the practice of abusing your seat for personal gains. BAN all former members of Congress from lobbying. Remove big money from politics. Congress works for YOU the people not big corporate or establishment politicians. The United States Supreme Court has a become political weapon. Term limits need to be put in place to balance our government. Pass legislation to ensure no Supreme Court nominations can be made once the General Presidential election has begun.

Broadband Access

We must close the digital divide. Rural America is suffering in too many areas to lack access to broadband, an essential tool in America today. We must get to work closing this digital gap ASAP. Net neutrality needs to be restored to stop ISP providers from taking advantage of Americans.

Universal Healthcare

A system that provides quality medical services for all American citizens. A national health insurance program would provide everyone with comprehensive health care coverage, that is free at the point of service. Healthcare is a human right, everyone deserves access to the health services they require, when and wherever they require them, and without the threat of outrageous medical bills leading to debt. Coverage will include vision, dental, hearing, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse treatment, medical prescriptions, and much more. We are the only industrialized nation in the world without a national health care system, it’s time to fix our broken system and finally put patients before profits.


Affordable housing for all is a must. We must build more affordable homes and public housing while also improving the quality of existing housing. We must stop the processing of redlining and correct our past mistakes. Offer assistance to first time buyers seeking to buy a home who resided in redlined areas or any other type of racial segregation. We have a racial wealth gap and we must recognize and fix it.

Lowering Drug Prices

Give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices. Push the FTC to check the power of drug companies through antitrust laws to stop evergreening/product hopping.

LGBT rights

Must be protected from discrimination of ALL kinds especially at workplaces. We are also seeing states attack Transgender rights like health insurance. The federal government must do everything to protect these rights. The Equality Act must get passed! Hate crimes are on the rise – they must be carefully monitored and prosecuted as such.

Federal Marijuana Legalization

Full legalization of marijuana is long overdue. Expungement of all pending/prior marijuana possession charges. All other drug possession charges will result in individuals attending rehabilitation not JAIL, so people can get the help they need and deserve.

Voting Rights

Secure our elections from interference from other nations. Expand access to the polls and stop states from passing voter suppression laws. Fix SCOTUS’ Shelby county v Holder decision by requiring preclearance for all states making changes in election practices or procedures. END GERRYMANDERING – Nonpartisan redistricting committees to draw all redistricting maps to take power away from the parties.


Achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2050 used as a baseline. We can and must work faster to get this climate crisis under control. Investing in clean, renewable energy sources through solar and wind power in turn creating millions of high paying union jobs. Make biofuels more available at gas pumps throughout America to help combate emissions and lower gas prices for Americans. Adapt and modernize our current infrastructure to support EV charging. Build newand improved infrastructure to get more EVs on our roads. Place charging stations at hotels, highway rest areas, parking lots/garages and do not leave out any community especially rural areas where even gas stations are still scarce. Provide immediate tax credits for purchasing EVs, so discounts apply when purchased not a year later. Ensuring environmental justice – your zip code should not determine the quality of air you breathe or the quality of the water you drink. Remove all lead pipes throughout America to provide clean water for all. Ensure America does its fair share to combat global warming in compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement. We need to LEAD the world and set a BOLD example for others to follow.

Women’s Rights

EQUAL PAY EQUAL PAY by having companies file an annual report of pay ensuring women are no longer taken advantage of in the workplace. I will protect Roe v. Wade at all costs. Pass the Women’s health protection act to protect women’s right to abortion access in the United States. Maternal mortality has gotten worse and Black women are up to 4x more likely to die for pregnancy/childbirth related issues. Improve access to midwifes, group prenatal care, and even social support to ensure better outcomes. Protection of funds to planned parenthood. A minimum of 16 weeks paid family and medical leave for all under a new national revamped program capped at $4800 monthly.


Pass comprehensive immigration reform that fixes our LONG BROKEN immigration system. We must address the root causes of immigration anything else is just a bandaid. We need to start actually targeting criminals and STOP targeting innocent families and children. Provide a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and our non citizen farm workers who make up about 75% of farm workers. They feed our country and saved us during a pandemic – we OWE them.


Make daycare more accessible and affordable for all. Improve Georgia’s/America’s educational programs for children with disabilities. Better speech, physical, and vocational therapy. Free community college for all and free 4 year public colleges for families making under $150,000 a year. Increase the Pell Grant to at least $10,000. Address the ballooning student debt crisis and forgive $35,000 of student loans.

Gun Rights

Pass common sense gun legislation. Expanded background checks. Invest dramatically more in gun safety and education. Limit the lobbying power of the NRA.


Improve benefits for our veterans and their families. Invest in research to prevent suicides from happening. Provide assistance to help veterans get back into work/normal life. Make sure mental health care is available, free, and close to their residency. Make more affordable housing no veterans should be living on the street. Provide assistance to non profits and other organizations who are already helping to solve these problems. Ensure ALL victims of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” get the benefits they deserve and earned.

Workers rights

Make it easier for workers to be able to form Unions. When Union membership rises, so do wages. Federal min wage increase to $15 an hour will set a floor for states . A permanent increase of EITC. Ensure workers rights are protected. We must strengthen the ability of workers in the private sector to join and form unions and to fight for better working conditions and fair wages. Support the PRO ACT.

Civil Rights

Ensure protection from discrimination no matter your age, race, sex, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disabilities! We are all Americans and we must learn to love each other for who we are. Ensure equal treatment for all in our criminal justice system, place of work, and in our hospitals. Hate groups are on the rise. These must be stopped and this should not be a partisan issue.


We need more at home caregivers so seniors are not forced into retirement homes. Protect Medicare/Social Security benefits – NO MORE BUDGET CUTS or diversion of funds. Give Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices, establish an annual cap on drug prices for seniors. Max out of pocket cost of $1,500. Make more medications in America, but also knock down barriers that make it more difficult to get medications from other countries.


Healthcare continues to be a big problem in rural areas. We must make sure our farmers have access to affordable healthcare. We must also improve broadband access in rural communities that will benefit farmers tremendously. Promote and support diversity in farming as women, Black, and Hispanic farmers are often left behind. Farmers play an extremely important role in climate change. Encourage cover crops linked to incentives. Invest in R&D to see how agriculture can help climate change. Make more biofuels which play an important role in the climate crisis. Address the workforce shortage that was been an issue for farmers for a while. Provide incentives to promote better animal welfare practices and standards.

Foreign Policy

Stay out of endless wars. Elevate diplomacy. Place sanctions on Russia to end Putin’s aggressive tactics. Put China’s power in check as they are growing at the expense of other nations and have a strong response to their continued human rights violations. Work closely with our NATO allies to defend democracy and human rights.