Joseph “Joey” Palimeno
Democrat for Congressional District 1

We need to give the power back to you people and get rid of career establishment politicians with term limits. They forget the promises they made and will sell you a web of lies for your vote. I’m just your average everyday American, but I understand that YOU, not big money, are who I represent. How can you fix problems you never experienced? I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. I have that stress of not knowing how you’re going to pay your bills. The pain of having to cut your meals, so your children are full. I’ve waited in the long food bank lines with you.

Things must change and with the power of you, the people, they will!

About Joseph “Joey” Palimeno

Joey is a proud husband and a father of two amazing boys. He has first-hand experience with our country’s healthcare system after his son, Jaycen, 4, was born with Down Syndrome. Jaycen had open heart surgery as an infant and was later diagnosed with hypothyroidism and leukemia. He is also a father to 12-year old Justin and says his wife Joni is “an amazing mother and the most inspirational person I have ever met”. Joey is a member of the World Wildlife Fund, a Political Science Major at Southern New Hampshire University, an elected member of the local Democratic Party, and proud member of Fair Fight, the NAACP, and New Georgia Project.

Joey On The Issues